How to use the ParkCash app for office car parks?

How to create an account in the ParkCash app?

Download the application from Google Play or App Store. When signing up for an account, use your work email on the domain. After registering, you will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your account. You can reserve parking spot, click on the link and enter the profile ID number (for MK employees). 

Before you reserve your first parking spot, go to your profile in the ParkCash. Then go to „Profile id” and enter your MK number. 

How to book a parking spot at the company parking?

After creating an account, you can reserve a parking space when you need to drive to the office. 

Book a parking spot by going to the „Park” and selecting the appropriate location

Choose the day, when you want to reserve a parking spot and choose the parking spot. Click on the icon marked in red to filter the parking spots by sectors and levels. 

You can also select a random parking spot that will be available on the day. Then you will immediately go to the booking confirmation.

Confirm reservation and click „Make reservation„. If you are parking for the first time, enter the registration number of your car, other fields are optional. Remember that you can always add other vehicles when you book a parking spot. 

After you reserve your parking spot, you will receive your reservation details. 

It’s ready! You can come to work by car. Depending on where you make the reservation, you will receive a mobile pilot in the application. Mobile pilots will appear on the home screen.  

If you want to park, drive to the barrier and press the „Open” button in the „My remotes”  section on the home screen of the application. 

Free-trouble parking requires mobile data and Bluetooth on your phone.

How to cancel a reservation?

Go to the „Reservations” tab and press „Delete„. You can find all your bookings in the „Completed” tab.

How to report a bug or suggestion to ParkCash?

Go to your profile in the Park Cash app. Choose “Report bug and suggestions and complete the fields.